Friday, March 14, 2014

Jokowi's nomination = trouble for Prabowo?

A good friend and I were discussing the news that Jakarta Governor Joko “Jokowi” Widodo had officially announced his candidacy for President on the Indonesian Democratic Party of Struggle (PDI-P) ticket. (Jakarta Post, 3/14/14). After brief remarks in Marunda, North Jakarta, on Friday, he kissed the Indonesian flag and, "reporters and local residents around him applauded in response. ‘Alhamdulilah [thank God],’ they said in unison.”

Thank God indeed.

My friend Wati, however, has mixed feelings.
“For one thing, he has only been governor of Jakarta for one year. Previously he was governor of the much smaller city of Solo, where his achievements were not so spectacular.”  Which kind of matches his track record in Jakarta, according to Wati, although a year may not be enough time to judge by.

Wati reminded us that when elected, Jokowi promised to complete a full term as governor; by accepting his party’s nomination he’s shown that he’s willing to go against this promise.

The big issue now, says Wati, is that “if the public does not support Jokowi then the votes will go to Prabowo, who had problems with human right issues when he was an active general, especially in East Timor.” 
THAT’s putting it mildly!!  And it is a very frightening thought indeed.
“Prabowo was formerly married to Titiek Soeharto. The last time I met him was in Paris when his only son with Titiek had a fashion show at the  Hotel du Crillon. Remember?”
[only in  this blog does one get such fabulous details—remember that!!] 

“Anyway, I am not happy with either of them . . . or any of the other candidates.”

Fortunately, I got another message soon afterward from Wati:

 “Wow, finally Megawati instructed her party to support the popular Jakarta governor Jokowi as the party presidential candidate this year."
[Megawati Sukarnoputri is leader of the PDI-P. She was President of Indonesia from 2001 to 2004.]

“[She] met with 60 Indonesians businessmen behind closed doors even though the PDIP party said the meeting had no relation to Jokowi’s candidacy. Jokowi also visited Bung Karno [President/”Brother” Soekarno]’s graveyard before Mega’s announcement.

“An Interesting time to observe . . . the revival of Soekarno era!”

Ini Dia Surat Perintah Harian Megawati untuk Dukung Jokowi Jadi Capres

This could be the turning point for Prabowo.  Let’s hope so.

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