Sunday, March 16, 2014

Dynasty in the Making?

My friend writes:

“Dear Sara,
There’s a photo of Puan Maharani, the only daughter of Megawati and Taufiq, holding the handwritten PDIP announcement of Jokowi’s candidacy.”
[40-year-old Puan served as Chair of the PDI-P faction in the House of Representatives from 2009-2014. She is granndaughter of the former (first) President of Indonesia, Soekarno.  Taufiq  was Speaker of the People's Consultative Assembly of Indonesia from 2009 until his death in June 2013.]

 “This girl is extremely ambitious and it is Mega’s intention to leave the Soekarno torch to her daughter.  Therefore, I think Mega is using Jokowi as a “bridge" to prepare Puan as the Indonesian leader for the younger generation . . . perhaps one day as President.
I think she learned it from Lee Kwan Yew, who has Goh chiok Tong took the torch before handing it to B G Lee.”
[Lee Kwan Yew served as Singapore’s (first) Prime Minister for over 30 years until Goh Chok Tong as the second PM appointed him Senior Minister in 1990, a post created by his son Lee Hsien Long.  Sound familiar?]

“Prabowo copies the Suharto strategy of using his "expertise" with the farmers (HKTI—Indonesian Farmers’ Association), although unlike Soeharto, Prabowo knows very little of farming.

“I knew Prabowo the "king maker" relatively well as a young, educated and smart man in his 30’s. I met him several times.

“Suharto’s step-brother Probosutejo, [no stranger to the wrong side of the law] and some of Suharto’s  family are supporting  Prabowo.  But the Suharto children, especially Titiek [Prabowo’s ex-wife] and Tommy [another black sheep, with convictions, jail time and a divorce under his belt] are now competing with their former husband and brother in law. Titiek joined Golkar and supported Ical Bakrie as a candidate. Oh, Lapindo!”
 [Bakrie is a highly successful Indonesian businessman of questionable scruples.  He was Coordinating Minister for the Economy from 2005-2009 and is the Golkar Party’s Chair and presidential candidate. His popularity has dwindled in his own party, partly because of the 2011 mudflow disaster in Sidoarjo, East Java, in which was allegedly caused by improper drilling by PT Lapindo Brantas, an exploration company partly controlled by the Bakrie family. The ongoing mudflow has displaced thousands and cost the government trillions of rupiah in recovery measures.]

“Tommy was not so successful in politics, but did recently open the 300-room Syariah Hotel in Solo. . .  [presumably] as another step to regain power.

"SBY’s sons also are trying to bolster their images as young politicians. . . .

"Sad . . . I wish the earlier leaders were still alive; I bet you that both they and we would experience the same frustrations watching the behavior of their respective children.”

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