Programs, Websites and Blogs of Note

Building Bridges to the Future Foundation
Our mission is to provide administrative and technical support to sustainable livelihoods agencies working in rural and isolated post-disaster and post-conflict areas.

Jembatan Masa Depan
JMD is an Indonesian-registered sustainable livelihoods NGO based in Banda Aceh that has worked in conjunction with BBF and other international partners since 2005.

Building Professional Social Work
A project of BBF; our mission is to increase the number of social work professionals in developing countries and to ensure that people who devote their careers to social work have the resources, training and support necessary to help people in their region.

The Embassy of Finland in Indonesia’s Local Cooperation Fund
Responsible for funding our 3-year (2013-2016)Cocoa Farmers’ Assistance project in Aceh Timur

The UN Recovery Framework for Aceh and Nias 2006-09

Muslim Aid

Coffee Quality Institute (CQI)

International Organization for Migration

Mongabay tracks deforestation in Aceh’s rainforests

Friends of the Earth
Friends of the Earth assisting in Lawsuit against palm oil company expansion permit

Greenomics Indonesia
A Jakarta-based policy development institute that is “devoted to introducing innovative empirical and field-based economic, financial and policy approaches for the purpose of supporting a move towards good natural resources governance.”

The Chocolate Life
This group is for ChocolateLife members living and working in Australasia

Oikos—blog of Greenomics

PanEco is an international non-profit foundation focusing on nature conservation and environmental education in Indonesia and Switzerland.

This wiki effort aspires to serve as an information portal on forest ecology. To date, these efforts have focused on bringing together photographers to draw attention to the importance of protecting forest ecosystems. We also intend to foster responsible tourism opportunities around the world. The UN's 'Year of Forests' has transitioned to the 'Decade of Biodiversity'. Let's everyone work together to build momentum towards a sustainable future.