Friday, March 14, 2014

More Aceh Links

        Aceh Timur

I quote from these sources a lot so maybe you would like to visit the sites or see the entire documents, which cover the topics of reconstruction fund corruption, rainforest destruction, and the treatment of Acehnese by the Indonesian government pre- and post-conflict.  They’re issues that I’d love to discuss in our planned documentary . . . but first, I suppose we should get through the elections.

Profiting From Peace: The Political Economy of Aceh’s Post-Helsinki Reconstruction
INFID (International NGO Forum on Indonesian Development), 2007

Aceh for beginners (1999): an overview of the history of the Sultanate through World War II and the formation of the free Aceh Movement

Transparency International Indonesia (Bahasa)

doing business in Aceh (World Bank)

REDD Monitor

The World Bank singing its own praises of the multi-donor fund’s administration

Clean or Corrupt: Tsunami Aid in Aceh (ANU Asia Pacific School of Economics and Government)

Time to Face the Past: Justice for Past Abuses in Indonesia’s Aceh Province
Amnesty International, 2013

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