Saturday, August 2, 2014

Who says organic cocoa farming isn't sustainable?

Look at these babies!

The June application of the organic pest control/spray fertilizer has paid off for our women cocoa farmers in Simpang Jernih subdistrict; over 25% more flowers stayed on the trees this time, and at the 2nd week in July he pods were nice, green, and healthy, and there were lots of 'em!

JMD’s secret mission is to have the University test the spray fertilizer and hormone that is purchased so that we can replicate the ingredients right on site—this way, the women have a much better opportunity to always have a supply on hand.  Like the organic fertilizer that the women now can make from ingredients right in the neighborhood, a nearly-free and plentiful supply of pest-be-gone will increase production significantly.

Plus (and this is where JMD really stands out): this is an activity that is sustainable.  The women will be doing this long after the agriculture extensionists and JMD’s support have left.   
(that is, if we can keep the palm oil conglomerates from destroying the protected forest.)

Harvest starts in September: stay tuned!!!

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