Thursday, July 31, 2014

This is why it is hard to follow rules, not work illegally in the forest, and not follow the orders of sleazy politicos: you have to risk your life for $5

I really don’t think that we in North America or most parts of Europe know the true meaning of the word desperation. But since I would hope that leaders in Indonesia, especially newly elected ones, would have some sort of idea, it’s especially confusing to read that the new Vice President would be so clueless as to think that if he invited basically the entire country to his house for a chance to get Rp 50,000, only a few people would show up and they’d all behave calmly.

Wati’s friend was there and said, “Thousands showed up. Even though there were ambulances and hundreds of policemen ready, the number of visitors turned out to be massive.
Kalla paid all hospital costs, and even the funeral. But citizens are furious since this has happened in the past in other places. This should not have taken place; there are other means to give money without making big public announcements. It's so downgrading to the poor.
Jokowi did not do it during his open house (thank G0D)."

Wati adds, “Not a good start for a beginning of the new government-–this  will be used against him by his opponents.  But Sara, you and I know how Kalla really is . . .”

As one commenter on the article below put it: “Saying that cash is going to be handed out is just asking for a huge crowd to gather and jostle etc. Maybe next time just hand out food and good wishes?”

One dead at Kalla’s open house in Makassar
The Jakarta Post, July 29 2014

A female teenager has died, allegedly from asphyxiation, after being trampled Tuesday during an Idul Fitri open-house gathering held by Vice President-elect Jusuf Kalla at his residence on Jalan Hadji Bau in Makassar, South Sulawesi. reported that Dika, the 15-year-old victim, was a local citizen who attended the event with her mother, Nahu. After falling unconscious, she was taken by an ambulance to the Stellamaris hospital in Makassar for emergency treatment, but doctors were unable to revive her.

Several others were also trampled during the chaotic event, where police officers struggled to maintain order and safety among the thousands of people who had been gathering at Kalla’s residence since the early morning hours. 

Visitors were reportedly very enthusiastic to meet Kalla and his family members, as well as to receive Rp 50,000 (US$4.3) as a donation for attending.

Separately, Sr. Comr. Fery Abraham, head of the Makassar Police Department, expressed his condolences for the victim, saying that overcrowding had led to her death.

“We have deployed around 200 officers from various divisions, including the Brimob [police's Mobile Brigade]. I acknowledge that we were overwhelmed [and struggled] to manage the thousands of people,” he said.

Other Comments:
The poor girl lost her life for 50,000 Rp, trampled by others who just wanted their 50.000 Rp too and did not care

Reality Check: Her life like most Indonesians is worth only Rp50,000 . . . while all the politicians and others in uniforms (with lots of shiny badges and medals) are super rich...

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