Friday, July 3, 2015

Maruchen (Ramen Noodles) palm oil exploiters to conservationists: “Meh.”

A token gesture, so tiny and insignificant it’s almost bizarre, was all Maruchen, the Ramen Noodle giant, gave in response to calls for better sourcing (and reduction) of palm oil in its products.

Maruchen agreed to have US companies who import palm oil for their products adhere to the (laughably insufficient) RSPO—Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil-- standards. . . but this applies only to US companies and not products sold worldwide. 

Rainforest Action Network is asking the public to keep the pressure on, or soon the entire Sumatran rainforest complex, with all its endangered wildlife (including the orangutans) will be a thing of the past.  And yup, that includes Aceh.

RAN is urging everyone to call the Maruchen offices below and “raise your voice for forests and forest-dependent communities.”
English: US office at: (949)-789-2300 line #2 consumer affairs
Spanish: Mexican office at: 52 55 5669 1794
Japanese : Japanese office at: 0120 181 874 or 03 3458 3333


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