Saturday, May 23, 2015

Where are you now, Angelinia Jolie?

Interesting developments regarding the Rohingya in what could be viewed as neighboring countries’ currying world favor. But hey, whatever works!

Boat people grateful for sanctuary, baffled by Gambia offer

The Malaysian and Indonesian governments should get many kudos for allowing refugees to land on their shores, but Gambia wins the prize. Although one cannot help but wonder if the Gambia government has some savvy PR people who are betting that accepting a great many refugees will open a possible floodgate of financial aid from grateful nations who don’t have to take them.  

 And while Indonesia and Thailand  get slammed in the press for not taking them, we hear practically no peep from, or about Myanmar, the source of the problem.

I also have to point out that while Jakarta may have previously issued edict prohibiting refugees from landing, few Acehnese citizens obeyed these rules, and continued to help refugees who either landed on shore or who were encountered by Acehnese fishermen drifting in Aceh’s waters. These poor, downtrodden local Indonesians have continually come to the aid of their brethren, giving when they have nothing left to give while, most of the world sits on its keester and ignores the entire problem.

Fishermen wept as they rescued starving migrants off Indonesia

These recent activities are also interesting because the Quran speaks of Muslims helping Muslims as well as others. Where are the oil rich Arab nations, home to scores of wealthy Muslims? But mostly, where is humanity? I remember all too well begging in 2009 for help for the refuges in Aceh Timur, and 90% of humanitarian aid doors slamming in my face. At least now there is some breathing room and I am sure some token of assistance. (JMD is also providing assistance, per the request of a grassroots organization on-site.)
The Thais and the Burmese, however, have to be held accountable for their crimes against humanity. These "gentle" people have to be taken to task for their roles in this genocide, which have been nothing short of vile, murdering psychopaths. The Buddhist community worldwide, should rise up and condemn these acts.

And again, I ask, where are you now, Angelina Jolie?

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