Saturday, March 7, 2015

“Say NO to Conflict Palm Oil Month" was a success . . .

. . . but according to Rainforest Action Network, there’s still a lot to do.  So I’m posting their call to action, and hope that many of you in the California area can attend the Summit.

Don't Miss Out: Palm Oil Action Leaders Summit
 RAN’s Conflict Palm Oil Campaign is on the way to victory, but we’ll need committed and passionate activists to lead the charge and raise the stakes for the Snack Food 20. We're committed to bringing together a powerful team and giving you the skills and training you need to be effective and have fun.

The Palm Oil Action Team is making some of the largest companies in the world change their policies and their practices to protect the precious rainforests of Indonesia and Malaysia. We're winning, but there is still more work to be done. That's why I am so excited to invite you to join the Palm Oil Action Leaders Summit.
When you apply to join the Summit and become a Palm Oil Action Leader, here’s what you’ll get:
  • Attend the Palm Oil Action Leaders Summit in San Francisco, CA from March 27 - 31st where you will be trained in designing and coordinating creative actions, communicating clearly to the public about campaign work, and how to incite and inspire your community to take action!
  • Put your new knowledge from the Summit into practice by organizing creative actions in your community -- publicly exposing the ills of Conflict Palm Oil and holding PepsiCo and other companies that are using this controversial ingredient to account.
  • Be part of an incredible team of activists from around the country from March to September 2015 (and beyond!) that collaborate and support each other as part of the Conflict Palm Oil campaign.
  • In summary: Make an impact for rainforests, and the people and animals that depend on them, by gaining new organizing skills, being a part of a powerful team and having FUN!
What: Palm Oil Action Leaders Summit
When: March 27-31, 2015
Where: San Francisco and Point Reyes, California
Who can join: Whether you are brand new to RAN’s campaigns or are a seasoned activist, we encourage you to apply. We will be looking for diversity in background, geographical location and experience in applicants.
click here to apply right now!

Up Next: the now 31-member women’s cocoa farm association has become grafting champions.  THEY are helping save the rainforest in Aceh.  You can too--join them!

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