Thursday, November 20, 2014

How to help women cocoa farmes in Aceh? By buying the T-shirt, of course!

Our tiny but ingenious IT department has come up with some great designs that I am sure everyone will want to give as gifts this holiday season.  The nice people at Zazzle allow non-profit organizations to design and sell a wide variety of cause-related items, and we decided to help JMD by offering a few this season.  The entire amount of the profit made by us on the shirt will go directly to JMD to help fund its mobile pest control clinic for cocoa farmers in the eastern districts of Aceh.  If we can get this clinic started we can help up to 4,000 farmers reduce the amount of cocoa they lose to insects, squirrels and monkeys (ah, monkeys) by 40-60%.

Do not worry—we just started dreaming these designs up, so the coffee mugs, notepads and baby onesies will not be far behind!  But in the meantime, how could you live without these T-shirts?  

 You can order the design on lots of styles, and there’s also the “budget” T-shirt for those of us who might be able to buy one or two high-quality shirts but have to go the regular route for the rest of the relatives.

Quick!  Go to and show your support of sustainable livelihoods in Aceh province. 

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