Friday, July 11, 2014

Who won: you think *I* know??

Well, knock me over with a feather.  24 hours after the polls have closed and both candidates are claiming victory.  The Guardian did an hour-by-hour account after the polls closed, which is an interesting read, complete with each candidate’s “victory” speech, and a quick recap of the new low to which this campaign has sunk in terms of sleazy “black” ads that include a faux condolence ad upon Jokowi’s death (“RIP Jokowi.”)

 Wati & Co. are especially amused by a YouTube video that had Prabowo maligning everything from the people who didn’t vote for him to the surveys that said he got fewer votes. 

End-of-day summary
Voting in Indonesia's presidential election has finished with both sides claiming victory.
• Quick counts – sample polls counted to give an indication of the overall resultsuggested that former Jakarta governor Joko "Jokowi" Widodo, the favourite going into the election, had triumped. Jokowi told supporters that he and his running mate, Jusuf Kalla, had scored a victory.
But opponent Prabowo Subianto refused to concede, instead claiming that he had topped the poll. He said he and vice-presidential hopeful Hatta Rajasa had won "in many, many areas".
• Outgoing president Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono will meet with both sets of candidates this evening. He appealed for calm while the wait for the official results goes on. There have been no reports of violence.
• The verified results are set to be released on 21-22 July, with the possiblility that legal challenges could delay the final verdict further. The new president should take up his post in October.
That's it for this live blog for today. Thank you for reading.

Two tweets from pal Michael Bachard of the Sydney Morning Herald and the Age: 
Michael Bachelard         @mbachelard 
Jokowi digs more at Prabowo: "It was achieved through hard work, day and night, not by promising rewards"
 Jokowi: However, our duty does not end today. In fact, it’s just begun. All the parts of the nation have to be united

And the last of the more than 75 comments for that day's blog post:

I love Indonesia. Been here for nigh on 15 years, heavily invested both emotionally and physically in the country, and I'm really hoping that we can get through this election without serious political strife.
But let's remember that none of this really matters. Multinational corporations will continue to have far more sway on our lives than our elected officials and neither candidate will dare do anything serious to reduce our reliance on Indonesia's and indeed, our world's twin addictions of fossil fuels and continuous economic growth, so a significant part of this beautiful archipelago will probably be underwater within a few decades anyway.
Still; "Salam Dua Jari!"

So stay tuned, and maybe there will be a winner on July 22.  IN the mean time, there's going to be a lot of posturing, a lot of name-calling, and not much productive dialogue going on.
I think I'll stick with cocoa farming in Aceh Timur!

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