Monday, July 21, 2014

Wati Reporting from Ground Zero

Last message from Wati before the official announcement:

Hello friends in UK, Beijing, USA , Switzerland, South Africa and Australia. 
Thanks for all your best wishes for my country’s final count down tomorrow.

This is the latest update from L at ground zero...her house is less than 10 minutes walk from the election committee where the voting result will be announced. 

I am sure everyone here knows the traffic rule; but I might as well forward them to you since  Diponegoro 11 will be greatly affected.

Be careful and take care, even though the police and Bakin made a statement that everything is under control.

Jokowi, the governor, appears to have won. He is our neighbor. . . his official residence as governor in only 3 minutes walk from my parents’ house.

And yes, I have decided to follow Jokowi's appeal to his followers - stay home and pray - no need to go out - no need to wear the "baju kotak2" or other attributes [traditional clothing]  - previously used during the campaign. Hehehe.

Love and peace on earth


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