Thursday, July 24, 2014

How quickly joy turns into steely-eyed (but justifiable) skepticism . . .

Dear Sara,

Yes this is just a first step on a long and rocky road for Indonesia.

Let's give Jokowi cautious but optimistic support with the hope that Mega steps aside (which I doubt) or that JKW, for politeness’ sake only, "listens" but makes his own sound judgments and takes independent action.

I will give him one year. [she's tough, is Wati.]

In this context the one thing I would start to disagree with is if his wife keeps wearing the jilbab.  She never wore it until JKW was accused being non-Muslim.

As for Prabowo and that snob Hasyim, I hope they continue their own business and stay away, but I agree with you that they will create trouble--first by using the extremist Islam position and accusing the Muslims supporting JKW as being the Syiah group [Shia; the minority faction,  has some fundamental differences of opinion with Sunni Muslims regarding the successor of the Prophet. In some instances the group has been vilified and called “terrorists.”] . What the heck, so what?! 

And I think Prabowo should concentrate on recover[ing] his financial losses that piled up because of all those payoffs he made during the election. [I love Wati.  So soft-spoken and diplomatic. :)
Extra tidbit: Recalling his childhood with his brother Prabowo: “My elder brother is very tough. When I was still small, I was often beaten,” said Hashim, as quoted by]

And second by accusing JKW giving preference to foreign investors and / or China.
Note: there is rumour that JKW is very close to James Riady [Chinese Indonesian deputy chairman of the Lippo Group, a major Indonesian conglomerate.]

JKW is now at the KPU office; after that he will give his victory speech in a Phinisi boat in Sunda Kelapa. [nice!]

Public opinion sees this as a gesture that JKW will make maritime interests an important part ofhis administration’s policy.

Will be in touch
Hidup Jokowi!!


Jokowi’s acceptance speech:
Pidato pertama presiden pilihan kita :

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