Wednesday, July 16, 2014

from the Indonesian text-messaging universe . . .

 . . . comes a string of SMS messages, starting with one from Dr. Meutia Farida Hatta Swasono, currenty State Minister for Women’s Empowerment in Indonesia, serving under President Yudhoyono since 2010. She previously served as the Minister of Women’s Affairs in the United Indonesia Cabinet from 2004-2009.

According to the latest configurations, Prabowo will be seen as the winning party. That’s why all the black- hearted people are now standing behind him. The koalisi (coalition) is a strategy to strengthen their power. Horrible. Even the crook who sins on the Hajj, on the road to heaven—he will be free. Hopefully everybody who has contributed to this huge corruption will receive the curse from God the Almighty. What a mess it is now here.

Wati’s friend J responded:

I believe in the honest & genuine Indonesians – [with WHITE, not BLACK hearts] - and I believe that in the end GOD will somehow show the way how to win over the rest!
I will not give up hope on these millions of [good] Indonesians.

I have to believe and I believe the more we TRUST GOD, GOD will grant his blessings - for the children of Indonesia!

As Jokowi said:
"Buat generasi muda adik2 saya ... Kalian adalah pemilik masa depan Indonesia, menentukan arah Indonesia!". [The future of Indonesia is in its youth.]

Jokowi may be far from perfect, but then again who isn't! I'm just amazed how this man can ignite the love, the pride, the enthusiasm of the TRUE Indonesians (young & old, poor & rich, blue collar & white collar, regardless of faiths, ethnicity, positions . . . )  to build a better Indonesia.   

GOD Bless Indonesia!

Then from another texter:
" Yes, mbak. That's what I am afraid of. For the black campaign to continue and still go on to discredit no 2 [Jokowi]. Thank GOD the bung Hatta award was bestowed to Jokowi [in 2010, then mayor of Solo City] and Ahok [Lieutenant Governor of Jakarta, in 2013.  Mohammad Hatta was Indonesia’s first Vice President, and the Bung Hatta Anti-Corruption Award was established by his daughters in his memory.]  So how can the bung Hatta award given to a crook if JKW got it?"

Lets keep praying and hope for the best but prepare for the worst.

Then Wati chimed in:

Agree, that's our parents wisdom that runs in our blood.
Hehehe...I spent millions in Vietnamese currency exchanging SMS messages with Meutia sometimes even late at night since she is really GAPTEK [technology-impaired] and admitted it.  She hardly uses emails . . .forget twitter, Youtube and other social media means of communication.

No wonder from our President’s children such as Mega, Rachma, Guruh, Guntur, Sukma, Tutut,  Yenni ranchman . . . Meutia is the closest one to Bapak. [Muhammad Subuh Sumohadiwidjojo, 1901-1987, was a renowned and well-loved spiritual leader and teacher; called Bapak as a term of reverence, like “Father.”]
I remember when she was a minister under SBY, and Bapak was hospitalized at the end of his days, Meutia came often after her out of town trips to the hospital and stay there staring at Bapak who was already unconscious. Even after midnight.

This is real friendship that we should value for the rest of our lives.

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