Friday, May 16, 2014

Jokowi has a plan . . . sort of

Wati is back in Jakarta and keeping an eagle eye on the political scene.

Finally Jokowi announced his "mission" if elected President.

Here are his 6 summarized points (source: a reporter from the Kompas)

1. Education: Indonesia  needs a “mental revolution,” starting in elementary school. Education should emphasize character building, ethics," budi pekerti" (roughly translated: mental health, integrity etc), and not science, mathematics, physics, etc

[Can you believe this??!?  I am absolutely appalled that Jokowi calls this his education “mission,” in a country where illiteracy is rampant, especially among women. How can he propose building morals (which I agree is needed because as we can see, no one has them) but then throw out core curriculum like math and science?  Amazing.  Indonesia seems spoiled for choice as far as presidential candidates go. Either a war criminal who’s terrorized his own people or an idiot who really is out to make a bigger mess of the country than has already happened. ]

2. Farming: to date Indonesia has not produced the necessary variety of crops and uses farmland that produces only limited amounts of rice. Jokowi believes that too much farmland is being sacrificed for housing, mining, and industry.

3. Fisheries: Indonesia's fishing fleet lacks technology compared to foreign fleets. For example foreign boats have canneries and processing plants directly on the boats

4. Energy: Indonesia needs to maximize its use of cheaper energy source such as gas and coal.

5. Infrastructure: The country needs to improve its airports, harbors and railroads. He will introduce a toll system in Indonesian waters. [???]

6. Bureaucracy in government administration: He will make more use of the internet and online systems to provide public services including administrative oversight and supervision.

[He’d better be careful, since Jakarta keeps censoring internet sites.]

My impression: so far so good but AGAIN, Indonesians are never lacking in good promises but hardly ever keep them.

We’ll see."

[I on the other hand am beginning to think there is no hope for Indonesia at all.]

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