Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Our Work in Aceh is Featured on Voice of America

Here is a story that Voice of America (VOA) did recently that as a colleague wrote me, “does an excellent job of highlighting in depth what is going on in Aceh in a way that an outsider can understand. It is a big picture story that demonstrates the importance of the work that Building Bridges to the Future is doing and positions BBF at the forefront of helping conflict victims in Aceh.” The reporter, Brian Padden, with whom we’ve been working for several months, did a great job highlighting our Goat and ABC (education) programs as critical elements to the long term recovery of the region.

August 15th marks the fourth anniversary of peace in Indonesia's Aceh province. The tsunami that decimated the region in 2004, killing nearly 170,000 people, and the immense international relief effort that followed, helped end a 30-year separatist war. The former leaders of the Free Aceh Movement renounced their fight for independence in exchange for leadership roles and a degree of autonomy in Aceh Province. As VOA's Brian Padden reports from Banda Aceh, while peace prevails, it is still fragile.

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