Wednesday, April 29, 2009

End of month update

I'm back from Washington, where I've been trying to drum up some support . . . also planning to apply, maybe with other small NGO's for the Aceh Economic Development Financing Facility (EDFF) closeout grant that will, in a few of the many-thousand word RFP, "promote post-tsunami economic recovery and foster sustainable, equitable, and long-term economic development in Aceh." The World Bank, the Multi Donor Fund (the original group of donors who contributed significantly immediately post-tsunami) and USAID will all have a part in this last post-disaster hurrah, so we're going to position ourselves to do big what we've been doing small (and well) for 3 years. Meanwhile, the Rohingya are still living in sub-standard conditions in Aceh Timur, and we're running low on money and lower on food. We're hoping that Marie Antoinette will bring cake soon.

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